Angels Armed with Guns

The national president of the famed US organisation; the NRA, Wayne LaPierre was recently quoted as saying: ”The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”. While, here at Armed Angels, we certainly agree, this article is about actual female heroes whom has taken it upon themselves to act in the face of danger. It’s a common misconception to think that only men can act in the face of danger and use a gun. Often, in history and today, women all over the world stand up against violence and tyranny and are often armed to do so. Knowing how to correctly operate a firearm is no longer only a man’s domain. In today’s society, women are often seen taking up arms and fighting for themselves and others.

Take, for instance, a tenacious store clerk in Lexington, Kentucky. Three armed and masked men, one of them a regular customer, decided to rob the place one afternoon but got way more than they bargained for. The clerk, Zara Adil, grabbed the gun from one of the robbers as he was distracted and pointed it at him. Upon seeing this, the other two robbers ran away but the robber who has just lost his gun tried to take it back from Zara and a struggle ensued. Not only did Zara manage to keep the firearm but she also squeezed off a round, wounding the bad guy in the shoulder and unmasked him, revealing that he’s a regular customer.

Another female hero can be found in the country of Iraq, in the Anbar province. Needless to say, countries like Iraq, Iran and Syria has always been a hotbed for political violence and oppression. Recently, as can be seen on the news a vicious Islamic terrorist group called ISIS (commonly referred to as Da’ish) started committing terrible acts of violence some might even consider genocide. One brave, elderly lady has decided that she has had enough and has taken it upon herself to school these terrorists and her lesson of choice is a very short and undoubtedly painful lesson on the wonders of Soviet assault rifle engineering. Umm Muayyid may look like a sweet grandma in her 70’s but don’t be fooled. The rounds in her AK47 and in her ammo pouch can kill just the same.

Recent gun laws
And, finally, ask any little boy what he wants to be when he grows up and the answer would most likely be a police officer. Now and again though, the toughest and most dedicated police officers are often women. One such officer, part of the military police, stopped a madman from killing more people at Fort Hood, near Killeen Texas. A major with mental problems, Nidal Malik Hasan, opened fire on a group of soldiers getting ready to be deployed to Afghanistan in 2009. After killing 3 and wounding another 16, the deranged officer was met by MP resistance. Officer Kimberly Munley confronted the shooter and, after realising that he had nowhere to go, the deranged major took his own life. If it wasn’t for the brave actions of this female officer, many more could have died.