Using Guns For Safety

Why do we automatically associate guns with violence? Doesn’t the police use guns for our protection? Or the army, for that matter? The stigma that surrounds guns and violence isn’t born from the police or the army’s use, but the criminals use. The criminal is the one that gave guns the bad stigma it has today. Law abiding citizens, police and members of the armed forces abide by the law but criminals don’t. To them, the law is meaningless, nothing but a hindrance and the guns they use contribute to this negative stigma. But there are ways to dispel this stigma and that is to teach people about the true purpose of guns, meaning using guns for safety.

And, using guns for safety certainly makes more sense than using them for violence, no? In fact, I’m quite sure that was the intention of any gun designer and manufacturer. Essentially, that is exactly what guns were designed to do. Using guns for safety and to retaliate against the criminal is the smartest thing to do. Coincidentally, using guns for safety would do well to dispel that ever annoying stigma that gives guns such a bad reputation. Using guns for safety would make people realise that the negative elements are not the only ones using firearms and that could certainly help our cause. It’s time to see firearms for what they really are, a means to protect us from criminal elements.

Well, here at Armed Angels, that is one of our goals, to take the gun away from the criminal and to place them in the hands of the victims because, we feel, that the victim would be far more responsible with a firearm than the criminal would. At Armed Angels, we’re not trying to promote violence or vigilantism but simply common sense. A law abiding citizen would have a far better understanding of a firearm and would seriously consider its uses but, above all, would use this weapon safely and in a responsible manner. That is the only thing that can dispel this negative stigma. Using guns for safety and not violence will do far more to protect our citizens than any gun control law would.