Domestic Abuse

Of all the social problems we face in South Africa, domestic abuse must be one of the worst. In a study conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) it was concluded that 60 000 women and children are victims of abuse yearly. This may also be a low number, considering that many domestic abuse cases aren’t reported out of fear of retaliation. The problem of domestic abuse is further compounded by a study conducted by the South African Medical Council in 1998 which found that out of 1394 men interviewed, 50% admitted to physically abusing their spouses or children. These are very alarming statistics and it’s even worse considering that, up to recently, domestic abuse in South Africa was considered to be a private matter.

But how does one stop an abusive husband from assaulting his wife? We have a solution albeit a radical one. Stick a gun into her hands and teach her how to use and take care of it. It may sound radical but it is logical. Since it’s obvious to all living in this country that a court ordered restraining order is essentially just a piece of paper which certainly won’t stop an abusive husband with violence on his mind. No, the only thing that will give him pause, the only thing that can stop him dead in his tracks is the sight of a loaded weapon. It doesn’t have to be any specific weapon. In fact, any firearm will do. The sight of that loaded firearm is enough to scare any coward and that’s really what an abusive husband is. A coward that would rather take his anger out on a weaker person than face an opponent of equal strength.

That’s what we hope to accomplish. To empower every woman facing domestic abuse. If she’s armed, not only will she be able to defend herself but she’ll also be able to defend her offspring. And that is every mother’s prime objective and nothing can supersede that. We would like to tell South African women that firearms are not your enemy. In fact, they can help you stop the real enemy, which is domestic abuse. We would also like to tell you that we know you love your husband but that he has absolutely no right to assault either you or your children. If he does then it is your right, no, your duty to defend yourself and your children. It’s time to put a stop to the scourge of domestic abuse.

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